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With the continuous improvement of existing health IT infrastructure on the agenda for many healthcare organisations and hospitals across Australia, the opportunity exists to assess what kind of talent you’ll need to fill these requirements.

Under the current conditions for work to be performed remotely where possible to stop the spread of illnesses such as COVID-19, there will be high demand for health IT workers to implement these changes.

A push from various levels of government to fast-track the implementation of new health IT initiatives and systems will encourage a demand that will make adjusting to a post-COVID “new normal” possible.

For these projects to happen, several roles look soon to be in high demand.

Systems Administrators

New systems mean good talent to make sense of these and help drive these implementations forward.

Clinical Application Roles

This huge growth area means talent will be needed to design and implement new applications. With this comes new software and vendor requirements, so definitely keep these skills in your team.

eMeds and Telehealth Roles

As the healthcare sector pivots more to remote work and patient care, two other areas of growth are e-Meds and telehealth roles. Bendigo Health plans to re-evaluate the role of telehealth in its model of care after a huge uptake in the service during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also recently surveyed the telehealth experience of 41 oncology patients, with 76% indicating they would like telehealth to be an ongoing option for certain appointments.

EMR Directors

Leadership roles within electronic medical record deployments are in high demand as health departments undergo or plan for new programs.

Cyber Security

The transition to a remote workforce and rise of telehealth as a care model means an even greater focus on the importance of cyber security for healthcare organisations. Highly skilled individuals who can be part of the set-up, for audits and for building a new cyber-security framework are certain to be in-demand as health departments invest more in their security.

Data Analytics

New projects mean new ways of reporting, so we believe more data analysts will be needed to help navigate these new systems and implementations.

What’s Next?

The healthcare sector is positioning itself for a time when technological advancements will play an even more important role in maintaining and improving our world-class healthcare system.

If you want to better understand how your next implementation could benefit from having the right talent in place well in advance, Transform IT can help, because matching the right health IT professionals with the right role is what we do best.

So, be prepared for staffing your next major project and book a resource planning audit with us today.

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